The scientific program includes keynote lectures of leading scientists, oral and poster presentations. The workshop will be dedicated to young scientists and graduate students, to whom international prizes will be awarded. The official language of the workshop is English.

A schedule for AWEST2019

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Morning Session

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Afternoon Session

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Scientific Program

June 16,2019

Time First nameFamily nameTitle
17:00Welcome Reception
Chair: Olav Schiemann
19:001PM-1MarcoAffronteTowards Quantum Sensing with Molecular Spins
19:251PM-2Jun-SeokOhNon-thermal atmospheric pressure plasma generated reactive species: Delivery into biological systems
19:451PM-3MasakiHoritaniEPR Spectroscopy Reveal the Active Site Rearrangement of Di-Mn2+ Center by Substrate Binding in Inorganic Pyrophosphatase from Shewanella sp. AS-11.
20:051PM-4KouichiNakagawa2D EPR imaging investigation of skin diseases
20:251PM-5AlexSmirnovPulsed EPR Methods and Instrumentation for Spin-labelling Studies of Membrane Proteins

June 17,2019

Time First nameFamily nameTitle
Chair: Likai Song
8:152AM-1Yun-WeiChiangProtein Slow Dynamics and Its Coupling to Water
8:402AM-2HarutoIshikawaAllosteric dynamics of the oxygen sensor protein FixL
9:002AM-3JunshiSakamotoAtomic Structure of Cytochrome bd Oxidase: Plan B for Aerobic Respiration and Risk Reduction of Oxygen
9:202AM-4IsaoSuetakeStructural dynamics of heterochromatin protein HP1 studied by site-directed spin labeling ESR spectroscopy: Isoform specificity and phosphorylation
9:402AM-5TatyanaSmirnovaElectrostatics at Lipid Interfaces in Hybrid Nano Materials by Spin-Labeling EPR
Chair: Yun-Wei Chiang
10:202AM-6LouiseBrownBuild a molecular movie of cardiac Troponin using pulsed EPR and NMR
10:452AM-7ToshiakiArataDouble Quantum Coherence EPR Identifies Multiple Conformations of the Cardiac Troponin C-Troponin I Complex Regulated by Ca2+ Ions and Phosphorylation
11:002AM-8TatsuhitoMatsuoStructural and dynamical changes in muscle regulatory proteins caused by hypertrophic-cardiomyopathy mutations observed by X-ray and neutron scattering
11:152AM-9ShingoSotomaSurface modification of nanodiamonds for temperature sensing inside cells
11:352AM-10ChieHosokawaLaser-induced perturbation into cell-surface molecules on neurons
11:55Conference photo & Lunch
Chair: Alex I. Smirnov
13:002PM-1SzymonGodlewskiOn-surface synthesis of long acenes and nanographenes
ShuichiSuzukiUnique Phase Transition of N-Pentylphenothiazine Radical Cation
13:452PM-3MasatoshiKozakiShort-step Syntheses and Photophysical Properties of Nitrogen-Containing Pyrenes
14:052PM-4AkihitoKonishiEffect of π-Extension on Spin State and Aromaticity in Diareno[a,f]pentalenes: Synthesis and Characterization of π-Extended Pentalenes
14:252PM-5YukoHosokoshiVariable Magnetic Interactions in Organic Radical Crystals and an ESR study
14:452PM-6EijiShikohSpin transport properties in thermally-evaporated polyacene films and TIPS-pentacene films investigated by the spin-pumping
Chair: Gerd Kothe
15:202PM-7ChrisKayTime-resolved EPR Studies of Pentacene in Thin Films of p-Terphenyl
15:452PM-8YasuhiroKoboriMolecular Geometries and Motions Drive Quintet Multiexcitons via Singlet Fissions
16:052PM-9HiroyukiMinoRole of Ca ion in Oxygen Evolving Complex in Photosystem II investigated by CW and pulsed EPR
16:252PM-10RisaMutohStructural analyses of photosystem I-ferredoxin complex
2PM-11NamiYamanoOptical property of fucoxanthin aggregate in acetone-water mixture
16:552PM-12MitsuoShojiSpin States and O-O bond formation mechanisms in the Oxygen-Evolving Complex of Photosystem II
Chair: Martin T. Lemaire
17:252PM-13TatianaSherstobitovaLigand Structure Effects on Molecular Assembly and Magnetic Behavior of Cu(hfac)2 Complexes with 3-Pyridyl-Substituted Nitroxide Derivatives
17:352PM-14HarunaNinomiyaDevelopment of Advanced THz ESR Spectroscopy for Heme Proteins with Integer Spin System
17:452PM-15TatsuyaIshinukiMagneto-elastic evaluation of the organic-inorganic perovskite type compound (C6H9C2H4NH3)2FeCl4
17:552PM-16YuutaIzumiPhysical Properties Controlled by Counter Anion Variation in a Layered Manganese-Radical Coordination Framework
18:052PM-17KouichiNakagawaX-band Electron paramagnetic resonance imaging investigation of pigmented plant seeds
Chair: Konstantin L. Ivanov
2PM-18XinhuaPengQuantum control of spins in NMR quantum information processing
19:502PM-19KenjiSugisakiQuantum chemical calculations on quantum computers: Determination of the spin quantum number S of arbitrary wave functions on quantum computers
20:052PM-20TomoakiYagoLow Magnetic Field Effects on Triplet Pairs
20:252PM-21GerdKotheCreation and Detection of Scalable Nuclear Spin Qubits in Hyperpolarized Molecular Solids

June 18,2019

Time First nameFamily nameTitle
Chair: Stephen Hill
8:153AM-1MartinLemaireIron or cobalt complexes containing arylazo ligands: Toward single component spin-crossover conductors
8:403AM-2KatsuyaInoueProperties of chiral spin solitons in chiral magnets
9:003AM-3MasakiYoshidaVapor-Triggered Spin Switching in the Solid-state Coupled with Reversible Color Change in a Nickel(II)-Quinonoid Complex
9:203AM-4TakeshiYamaneSolid-State Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer in Mixed-Valence Rhenium(III,IV) Binuclear Complexes
9:353AM-5OlavSchiemannPDS-Based Localization of High- and Low-Spin Metal Ions in Model
Chair: Louise J. Brown
10:153AM-6LikaiSongInteraction of HIV gp41 with the Viral Membrane
10:403AM-7KeiichiKojimaMicrobial rhodopsins as a model both for photoactive proteins and optogenetics tools
11:003AM-8OsamuHisatomiDNA-binding analyses of a light-activatable bZIP transcription factor, Photozipper
11:203AM-9TatsuruShirafujiFree Standing Functional Membrane Formation Using Plasma-Liquid Interface Processes
11:403AM-10YoshiakiUchidaImportance of Molecular Mobility of Nitroxide Radical Liquid Crystals
Chair: Xinhua PengTatyana Smirnova
13:003PM-1AlexandraYurkovskayaStudy of Magnetic Interaction in Short-Lived Biradicals by Light-Induced Nuclear Hyperpolarization in Rigid Donor-Acceptor Dyads
13:253PM-2SilviaCavagneroLED Enhanced NMR: a Gateway to Fast and Cost Effective Nuclear Hyperpolarization in Liquids
13:503PM-3ToshimichiFujiwaraHigh-field DNP-induced spin correlated states for magic-angle-spinning solid-state NMR experiments
14:103PM-4TakayukiKumadaPolarized neutron scattering of proton-polarized samples
14:303PM-5AkioKawaiPulsed ESR measurement for radical reaction rates utilizing spin polarization enhanced spin echo and FID detection
Chair: Silvia Cavagnero
15:053PM-6KonstantinIvanovSinglet-state NMR experiments with nearly equivalent nuclear spins
15:303PM-7JiangMingAtomic magnetometer improves "magnetic resonance without magnet"
15:503PM-8KazunobuSatoSpin Manipulation Technology by Pulsed ESR with Arbitrary Waveform Microwave Pulses for Molecular Quantum Control
16:053PM-9KiminoriMaedaReaction control by optimised radio-frequency magnetic field
16:253PM-10HiroyukiTajimaDetermination of charge injection barrier at organic semiconductor/metal interface using accumulated charge measurement
16:453PM-11YusukeTsutsuiCharge Carrier Transport in Doped Polythiophene Noncontact Approach with Electromagnetic Waves
Chair: Christopher W. M. Kay
17:153PM-12StephenHillHigh-Frequency EPR Investigations of Coordination Complexes: Recent Advances at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
17:403PM-13KazuhiroMarumotoOperando ESR spectroscopy of organic devices
18:003PM-14HitoshiOhtaRecent Developments and Applications of Multi-extreme THz ESR
Conference Banquet