Scientific program for AWEST2019

June 16,2019

Time First nameFamily nameTitle
17:00Welcome Reception
Chair: Olav Schiemann
19:001PM-1MarcoAffronteTowards Quantum Sensing with Molecular Spins
19:251PM-2Jun-SeokOhNon-thermal atmospheric pressure plasma generated reactive species: Delivery into biological systems
19:451PM-3MasakiHoritaniEPR Spectroscopy Reveal the Active Site Rearrangement of Di-Mn2+ Center by Substrate Binding in Inorganic Pyrophosphatase from Shewanella sp. AS-11.
20:051PM-4KouichiNakagawa2D EPR imaging investigation of skin diseases
20:251PM-5AlexSmirnovPulsed EPR Methods and Instrumentation for Spin-labelling Studies of Membrane Proteins

June 17,2019

Time First nameFamily nameTitle
Chair: Likai Song
8:152AM-1Yun-WeiChiangProtein Slow Dynamics and Its Coupling to Water
8:402AM-2HarutoIshikawaAllosteric dynamics of the oxygen sensor protein FixL
9:002AM-3JunshiSakamotoAtomic Structure of Cytochrome bd Oxidase: Plan B for Aerobic Respiration and Risk Reduction of Oxygen
9:202AM-4IsaoSuetakeStructural dynamics of heterochromatin protein HP1 studied by site-directed spin labeling ESR spectroscopy: Isoform specificity and phosphorylation
9:402AM-5TatyanaSmirnovaElectrostatics at Lipid Interfaces in Hybrid Nano Materials by Spin-Labeling EPR
Chair: Yun-Wei Chiang
10:202AM-6LouiseBrownBuild a molecular movie of cardiac Troponin using pulsed EPR and NMR
10:452AM-7ToshiakiArataDouble Quantum Coherence EPR Identifies Multiple Conformations of the Cardiac Troponin C-Troponin I Complex Regulated by Ca2+ Ions and Phosphorylation
11:002AM-8TatsuhitoMatsuoStructural and dynamical changes in muscle regulatory proteins caused by hypertrophic-cardiomyopathy mutations observed by X-ray and neutron scattering
11:152AM-9ShingoSotomaSurface modification of nanodiamonds for temperature sensing inside cells
11:352AM-10ChieHosokawaLaser-induced perturbation into cell-surface molecules on neurons
11:55Conference photo & Lunch
Chair: Alex I. Smirnov
13:002PM-1SzymonGodlewskiOn-surface synthesis of long acenes and nanographenes
ShuichiSuzukiUnique Phase Transition of N-Pentylphenothiazine Radical Cation
13:452PM-3MasatoshiKozakiShort-step Syntheses and Photophysical Properties of Nitrogen-Containing Pyrenes
14:052PM-4AkihitoKonishiEffect of π-Extension on Spin State and Aromaticity in Diareno[a,f]pentalenes: Synthesis and Characterization of π-Extended Pentalenes
14:252PM-5YukoHosokoshiVariable Magnetic Interactions in Organic Radical Crystals and an ESR study
14:452PM-6EijiShikohSpin transport properties in thermally-evaporated polyacene films and TIPS-pentacene films investigated by the spin-pumping
Chair: Gerd Kothe
15:202PM-7ChrisKayTime-resolved EPR Studies of Pentacene in Thin Films of p-Terphenyl
15:452PM-8YasuhiroKoboriMolecular Geometries and Motions Drive Quintet Multiexcitons via Singlet Fissions
16:052PM-9HiroyukiMinoRole of Ca ion in Oxygen Evolving Complex in Photosystem II investigated by CW and pulsed EPR
16:252PM-10RisaMutohStructural analyses of photosystem I-ferredoxin complex
2PM-11NamiYamanoOptical property of fucoxanthin aggregate in acetone-water mixture
16:552PM-12MitsuoShojiSpin States and O-O bond formation mechanisms in the Oxygen-Evolving Complex of Photosystem II
Chair: Martin T. Lemaire
17:252PM-13TatianaSherstobitovaLigand Structure Effects on Molecular Assembly and Magnetic Behavior of Cu(hfac)2 Complexes with 3-Pyridyl-Substituted Nitroxide Derivatives
17:352PM-14HarunaNinomiyaDevelopment of Advanced THz ESR Spectroscopy for Heme Proteins with Integer Spin System
17:452PM-15TatsuyaIshinukiMagneto-elastic evaluation of the organic-inorganic perovskite type compound (C6H9C2H4NH3)2FeCl4
17:552PM-16YuutaIzumiPhysical Properties Controlled by Counter Anion Variation in a Layered Manganese-Radical Coordination Framework
18:052PM-17KouichiNakagawaX-band Electron paramagnetic resonance imaging investigation of pigmented plant seeds
Chair: Konstantin L. Ivanov
2PM-18XinhuaPengQuantum control of spins in NMR quantum information processing
19:502PM-19KenjiSugisakiQuantum chemical calculations on quantum computers: Determination of the spin quantum number S of arbitrary wave functions on quantum computers
20:052PM-20TomoakiYagoLow Magnetic Field Effects on Triplet Pairs
20:252PM-21GerdKotheCreation and Detection of Scalable Nuclear Spin Qubits in Hyperpolarized Molecular Solids

June 18,2019

Time First nameFamily nameTitle
Chair: Stephen Hill
8:153AM-1MartinLemaireIron or cobalt complexes containing arylazo ligands: Toward single component spin-crossover conductors
8:403AM-2KatsuyaInoueProperties of chiral spin solitons in chiral magnets
9:003AM-3MasakiYoshidaVapor-Triggered Spin Switching in the Solid-state Coupled with Reversible Color Change in a Nickel(II)-Quinonoid Complex
9:203AM-4TakeshiYamaneSolid-State Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer in Mixed-Valence Rhenium(III,IV) Binuclear Complexes
9:353AM-5OlavSchiemannPDS-Based Localization of High- and Low-Spin Metal Ions in Model
Chair: Louise J. Brown
10:153AM-6LikaiSongInteraction of HIV gp41 with the Viral Membrane
10:403AM-7KeiichiKojimaMicrobial rhodopsins as a model both for photoactive proteins and optogenetics tools
11:003AM-8OsamuHisatomiDNA-binding analyses of a light-activatable bZIP transcription factor, Photozipper
11:203AM-9TatsuruShirafujiFree Standing Functional Membrane Formation Using Plasma-Liquid Interface Processes
11:403AM-10YoshiakiUchidaImportance of Molecular Mobility of Nitroxide Radical Liquid Crystals
Chair: Xinhua PengTatyana Smirnova
13:003PM-1AlexandraYurkovskayaStudy of Magnetic Interaction in Short-Lived Biradicals by Light-Induced Nuclear Hyperpolarization in Rigid Donor-Acceptor Dyads
13:253PM-2SilviaCavagneroLED Enhanced NMR: a Gateway to Fast and Cost Effective Nuclear Hyperpolarization in Liquids
13:503PM-3ToshimichiFujiwaraHigh-field DNP-induced spin correlated states for magic-angle-spinning solid-state NMR experiments
14:103PM-4TakayukiKumadaPolarized neutron scattering of proton-polarized samples
14:303PM-5AkioKawaiPulsed ESR measurement for radical reaction rates utilizing spin polarization enhanced spin echo and FID detection
Chair: Silvia Cavagnero
15:053PM-6KonstantinIvanovSinglet-state NMR experiments with nearly equivalent nuclear spins
15:303PM-7JiangMingAtomic magnetometer improves "magnetic resonance without magnet"
15:503PM-8KazunobuSatoSpin Manipulation Technology by Pulsed ESR with Arbitrary Waveform Microwave Pulses for Molecular Quantum Control
16:053PM-9KiminoriMaedaReaction control by optimised radio-frequency magnetic field
16:253PM-10HiroyukiTajimaDetermination of charge injection barrier at organic semiconductor/metal interface using accumulated charge measurement
16:453PM-11YusukeTsutsuiCharge Carrier Transport in Doped Polythiophene Noncontact Approach with Electromagnetic Waves
Chair: Christopher W. M. Kay
17:153PM-12StephenHillHigh-Frequency EPR Investigations of Coordination Complexes: Recent Advances at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
17:403PM-13KazuhiroMarumotoOperando ESR spectroscopy of organic devices
18:003PM-14HitoshiOhtaRecent Developments and Applications of Multi-extreme THz ESR
Conference Banquet