The scientific program includes only intensive lectures of world-leading scientists for scientific core sessions. The 4th WS has a special session for Applications of AI Technology to University Education/Administration. The session will be also for non-specialists in the field and those who are interested in the issue.

Scientific Program

March 29, 2017

Session “QC/QCC-on-QCs: Quantum Algorithms”

Dr. Ryan Babbush, Google Inc., Venice, CA, USA
“Towards Practical Quantum Chemistry on a Quantum Computer”

Dr. Hiroyuki Nakashima, Quantum Chemistry Research Institute, Kyoto, Japan
“Solving the Non-BO Schrödinger equations and analytical potential curves of small molecules with the free complement method”

Lunch break

Dr. Jarrod McClean, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA, USA
“Hybrid quantum-classical computation for chemistry and materials”

Dr. Yusaku Kurokawa, Quantum Chemistry Research Institute, Kyoto, Japan
“Solving the Schrödinger Equation of Harmonium Systems with the Free-Complement Local-Schrödinger-Equation method”

Dr. Satoru Yamamoto, Graduate School of Science, Osaka City University”Computational Control and Measurement Approaches for Electron Spin Resonance Based Quantum Computers”

Dr. Kenji Sugisaki, Graduate School of Science, Osaka City University
“Quantum chemical calculations of open shell molecules on quantum computers”

March 30, 2017
Prof. Joonsuk Huh, Department of Chemistry, Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea
“Quantum simulation of molecular spectroscopy”

Session “AI Applications to Univ. Education/Administration” (in Japanese)

Mr. Atsuroh Hiroe, Watson Division, IBM Japan, Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
“What can Watson do in the university education and administration?”
講演者:広江 淳良氏、ワトソン事業部、IBMジャパン