Scientific Program of the 5th WS

March 29, 2018

9:45- 9:50 Opening Remarks

9:50-10:50 Yusaku Kurokawa, Quantum Chemistry Research Institute, Japan
1A-1 Solving the Schrödinger Equations: Development of the Free Complement Variational Theory and its Applications to Diatomic Molecules

11:00-12:00 Kenji Sugisaki, Osaka City University, Japan
1A-2 Toward Quantum Chemical Calculations of Open Shell Systems on Quantum Computers

Photo Session & Lunch

13:30-14:30 Yudong Cao, Harvard University, USA
1P-1 Recent Developments in Variational Quantum Algorithms

14:40-15:40 Makoto Negoro, Osaka Cuniversity, Japan
1P-2 Quantum Information Processing with Molecules

Break (30 min.)

16:10-17:10 Hiroyuki Nakashima, Quantum Chemistry Research Institute, Japan
1P-3 Solving the Schrödinger Equations: Variational and Exact Calculations of Small Atoms and Diatomic Molecules by the Free Complement Theory


March 30, 2018

9:50-10:50 Kazuo Toyota, Osaka City University, Japan
2A-1 Quantum Chemical Calculation of Molecular Properties by Triplet SAC-CI Method

11:00-12:00 Joonsuk Huh, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea
2A-2 Quantum optics with Gaussian states: Application to molecular vibronic spectroscopy at finite temperature


13:30-14:30 James D. Whitfield, Dartmouth College, USA
2p-1 Fermionic algebras for quantum computing

14:40-15:40 Kazunobu Sato, Osaka City University, Japan
2P-2 Molecular Spin Technology based on Arbitrary Microwave Excitations for Quantum Control

15:40-15:45 Closing Remarks