Scientific Program of the 6th WS

Scientific Program updated on Mar. 18, 2019
March 28, 2019

9:30-9:40 Opening remarks
“Towards the non-Condon quantum simulation with quantum optics”
Joonsuk Huh, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea

“Three-Dimension Visualizations of Electron Spin Polarization for Elucidating Photo-Energy Conversion Mechanisms”
Yasuhiro Kobori, Kobe University, Japan

“Probing and controlling transient radical pairs by static and arbitrarily generated RF magnetic field”
Kiminori Maeda, Saitama University, Japan

12:00-13:00 Photo Session & Lunch

“Optimising quantum chemistry for quantum computers – can ensemble density functional theory help?”
Tim Gould, Queensland Micro- and Nano-technology Centre, Griffith University, Australia

“Studies of Spin Properties of Open Shell Molecules on Quantum Computers”
Kenji Sugisaki, Osaka City University, Japan

“Advances in Relativistic Atomic Coupled-Cluster Theory for High Precision Calculations”
Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, India

15:40-16:00 Break

“Advances in using NISQ devices towards intractable chemistry simulations”
Jarrod McClean, Google, USA

“Relativistic Unitary Coupled Cluster Theory and Prospects for Quantum Computing”
Bhanu Pratap Das, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

18:00-18:10 Closing remarks